Additive for Composites and Composites for Additive

CompositesWorld’s Jeff Sloan joins Peter Zelinski in an episode of the AM Radio podcast about how composites and 3D printing are changing one another.

Carbon Fibers

The 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic is revealed

Porsche releases another tribute to some of its past models, featuring a ducktail spoiler, a double-bubble roof and hood comprised of CFRP.


What kind of pickup would Bruce Wayne drive?

Introducing the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP Superblack, a retrofitted Mercedes-AMG G 63 pickup truck that is off-road capable and decked out in carbon fiber.

Digital thread vs. digital twin

Visualizing the difference between digital representations and data flows and understanding the applications that are changing composites manufacturing and business models.
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RAPM development with PtFS

Boeing-led program explores rapid part cycles using automated, 180-channel thermal control molding cell for infusion, thermoset prepreg and thermoplastic composites.
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Novel prepreg for compression molding in RAPM

Solvay and Boeing combine aerospace performance with process knowledge for high-rate, low-cost composites production.
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Carbon Fibers

Revolutionizing the composites cost paradigm, Part 1: Feedstock

Highly-aligned, short-fiber Tailorable Universal Feedstock for Forming achieves aerospace properties, metal-like formability in zero-waste, fiber-to-parts pilot plant.
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