AMULET project funds 24 projects in composites, CMCs, metals

Trans-European project finalists for first open call identify material and process innovations in building, aerospace and aeronautics, energy and automotive sectors.

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


NCC announces life cycle assessment software results for construction

Study is undertaken to better understand LCA software tools to inform composites design and product development in decarbonization initiatives.  


Cleveland pedestrian drawbridge features FRP decking from Creative Composites Group

Lightweight molded panels with hybrid non-skid technology system make up the new double dutch-style bascule bridge completing Cleveland’s harbor loop.  

Additive Manufacturing

University of Maine unveils 100% bio-based 3D-printed home

BioHome3D, made of wood fibers and bioresins and entirely 3D printed, highlights Maine’s effort to address the need for more affordable housing.  
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CW Tech Days webinar addresses emerging composites opportunities in infrastructure, construction

Attend this Dec. 1st interactive webinar sponsored by Composites One, where experts will review and evaluate the composite materials, processes and applications that should and will be considered for use in these markets.  

composites in bridges

The growing role of composites in infrastructure

From bridges to rebar and pilings, composites provide installation and life cycle cost savings over steel and concrete.
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Want The Basics?

Videos / Podcasts


Advanced Fiberglass Industries: Composites enable innovation

With decades of composites design and fabrication experience, Dubai-based AFI turns problems into solutions.


CFRTP enables better, greener smartphones

Carbon Mobile’s “monocoque” design eliminates separate case, cover and frame, better protects electronics and simplifies disassembly.
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Sensors: Data for next-gen composites manufacturing

In the quest for sustainability, sensors are reducing cycle times, energy use and waste, automating closed-loop process control and increasing knowledge to open new possibilities for intelligent manufacturing and structures.
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Re-Wind Network successfully installs repurposed wind blade pedestrian bridge

The Ireland-based, five-meter-long BladeBridge solution has undergone extensive materials and mechanical testing to ensure application suitability.


Composites end markets: Civil infrastructure (2022)

Composites continue to longer service life, reduced maintenance and faster installation, driving growth in bridges, water treatment and storage systems, rebar and other concrete reinforcement.
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Composite building systems startup launches funding round

Florida-based Galexa Homes supplies pre-engineered wall, floor and roof systems built with pultruded fiberglass composites, looks to expand and move toward robotic assembly.


CW Trending: Bucci Composites’ Andrea Bedeschi talks F1, cars, cranes and wheels

In the third episode of CW Trending, we chatted with Andrea Bedeschi, general manager of Bucci Composites about the company history and recent carbon fiber developments. 


SUREbridge project renovation underway in Norway

FiberCore Europe partner MSS implements SUREbridge, a sustainable composites method to strengthen and repair concrete bridges so that they can exist for 50+ years.  


Covestro, Arcesso Dynamics launch solid-surface manufacturing solution Arfinio

First use of reaction injection molding (RIM) on aliphatic polyurethanes enables complex, lightweight and seamless designs and new property combinations.  


Dura Composites completes decking project for Royal Solent Yacht Club

Dura Deck Tiles enhance the club’s balcony and terrace areas, providing a lasting contemporary look with none of the installation challenges of traditional timber.  


Mighty Buildings completes 3D-printed zero net energy home, expands B2B growth

Fiber-reinforced 3D-printed home incorporating the panelized Mighty Kit system is part of a future community of 40+ units designed to provide environmental and economic benefits.  


IsoTruss engineers carbon fiber tower for Wyoming Bureau of Land Management

Lightweight, durable IsoTruss carbon fiber tower addresses high winds, snow and ice impacting remote Elk Mountain communications infrastructure.  

Glass Fibers

Dura Composites extends d2 heavy-duty walkway range availability

Performance-improving composite walkway solutions are now available to customers in Australia and New Zealand seeking to reduce time and costs while improving safety, performance and sustainability.  



Creative Composites Group introduces product upgrades to combat extreme weather, climate change

New StormStrong FRP technologies are engineered for key infrastructure projects that need to exceed standard resiliency specifications.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Olin Epoxy

Olin Epoxy offers a portfolio of epoxy systems for challenging applications. Litestone, Voraforce and Airstone aim to resolve problems and support customers’ business growth.
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Carbon Fibers

V2 Composites highlights improved composite repair solution for concrete parking structures

Custom-engineered CFRP T-Biscuit enables the repair of failed flange-to-flange shear connections of pre-cast double tee beams in new and existing structures.  


AFS introduces sustainable FRP construction solutions

LAST Stair, Railing, Plank and Structural Member product lines offer a variety of fire-retardant composite stair and decking applications.  


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Boston Materials

Supercomp, ZRT and Bimetal are three of Boston Material’s z-axis carbon fiber products developed via its patented magnetic alignment process.
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Solico launches Amphora engineering, design software for composite silos and tanks

Customizable tool enables the calculate and optimization of construction variables like design loads and laminate thickness for rapid composite vessel development.