Carbon Fibers

Diab Divinycell HM foam lightweights Mayla 44 electric powerboat

Ultra-high-performance powerboat achieves high weight reduction with carbon fiber sandwich construction of the deck, internal structure and the complete hull surface.  

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IMDEA Materials Institute introduces novel recyclable sandwich structure composites

A new generation of sustainable composite materials with flame-retardant properties currently being developed also offer improved performance and designability.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Armacell

Armacell’s exhibit lineup emphasizes its wide range of eco-friendly PET foam solutions for composites manufacturing, including ArmaPET Struct, Eco, Curve and Shape.  


The Gill Corp. announces novel Gillcore HF fiberglass honeycomb core

High-temperature fiberglass-reinforced phenolic honeycomb core meets all AMS 3715 requirements with optimized moisture resistance.  


Ex-Core Technologies' Ex-Core 2.0 system features intelligent self-heated tooling, custom-mixed core

Debuted at JEC World 2022, Ex-Core 2.0 is said to slash production costs compared to conventional prepreg sandwich processes and produce lighter, stronger parts.

Core for composites: Winds of change

Core materials suppliers lean into the bracing breeze of big-blade challenges raised by the burgeoning wind energy industry.
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Saertex presents SAERfoam structural core materials

Hybrid core material is simple to process, highly economical and exhibits a shear modulus up to four times greater in comparison to PVC and PET.


Leveraging motorsports composites for next-gen rotorcraft

FastCan consortium integrates hollow, solid and cored CFRP into single-cure, single-piece canopy for reduced weight and cost.
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CosiMo: Smart thermoplastic RTM process demonstrated for battery box cover challenge simulator

Project uses network of DEA, temperature/pressure and ultrasonic sensors plus digital simulation and AI modeling to monitor and optimize injection of caprolactam into complex glass fiber preform and in-situ polymerization of PA6.

Filament Winding

Industrial-scale wave energy system enabled by mobile filament winding

Sweden-based CorPower Ocean designed its 9-meter-long, filament-wound GFRP buoy prototype for high-efficiency, durable wave energy generation and fast, on-site manufacture.
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Robotic computed tomography – removing NDT barriers for composites

Radalytica uses collaborative robots, ultra-sensitive X-ray photon detectors and the ability to combine CT with ultrasound, surface profiling and other inspection methods to optimize composites part quality, production and reduce cost.
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Combining plastics and composites for Class A parts without tools

Plastics Unlimited’s patented TEC process cuts secondary finishing and meets multiple demands for medium-volume parts.
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Carbon Fibers

AVK presents its 2018 Innovation Awards

The 2018 AVK Innovation Awards were presented at the International Composites Congress (ICC) on Nov 5, chosen from more than 50 submissions.
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Global experts present latest developments at Composite Sandwich Conference in May

The CSC 2022 conference, jointly organized by Thermhex and Fraunhofer IMWS, enabled a productive exchange of information about cost-efficient composite sandwich structures and automated processing methods.  


Korean Aerospace Industries signs long-term contract with The Gill Corp.

The Gill Corp. will produce and deliver composite honeycomb core through 2025 to support KAI aerospace production.  


Formula Electric Belgium's Titan race car features EconCore rPET honeycomb

Front wings and undertray comprise the honeycomb core material, the latter reducing wing weight by 26% compared to the previous year, and able to withstand forces 1,000 times its own weight.  


EconCore, ThermHex Waben optimize honeycomb core production

An investment in additional MEAF 75-H34 extruders reduce energy consumption in honeycomb production by up to 65% and double capacity.  


SIU researcher to apply additive manufacturing for more efficient sandwich material production

Southern Illinois University’s Sabrina Nilufar won a two-year, $200,000 grant from the NSF to study how to make composite sandwich panels with a TPMS-based core lattice via AM.


CorPower Ocean partners with Diab for full-scale wave energy converter

Diab provides foam core, engineering support to enable CorPower’s first commercial-scale composite filament-wound WEC.



JEC World 2022 preview: Gurit

A comprehensive spectrum of Gurit’s prepregs, structure core materials and adhesives for wind, marine, industrial and transportation will be featured.


JEC World 2022 preview: Diab

Sustainable, lightweight solutions ranging from Divinycell U and Divinycell MC60 materials, as well as technical kits and a sandwich calculation tool will be on display at Diab’s booth.


Saertex presents SAERfoam structural core materials

Hybrid core material is simple to process, highly economical and exhibits a shear modulus up to four times greater in comparison to PVC and PET.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: EconCore

EconCore highlights new production capabilities for recycled and thermoplastic core products, and seeks new partnerships.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Armacell

Armacell highlights its eco-friendly, recycled PET bottle ArmaPET foam solutions for composite parts in a variety of end markets.
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EconCore thermoplastic honeycomb cores deliver high-heat performance, facilitates recyclability

Honeycomb cores incorporate Sabic NORYL GTX resin for improved dimensional stability, lower water absorption and demonstration of thermoset composite skin compatibility.