Carbon Fibers

Eastman Machine automated cutting equipment increases HanseYacht efficiencies by 85%

Since implementation of its first conveyorized cutting system, the recreational boatbuilder regularly seeks ways to improve its composite material handling processes.  

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


Schmidt & Heinzmann camera system awarded 2022 AVK Innovation Award

“Pole Position” uses polarization properties to detect the positioning and orientation of carbon fibers during the cutting and stacking process, reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.   


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Automation

Composite Automation is joined by Isojet Equipements and PCM/Lucas Industries, bringing solutions for every step of the composites manufacturing process to one booth.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Zünd America

Zünd developed the Heat-Sealing Module (HSM) for digital cutting systems to more cleanly seal, cut and handle thermoplastic composites.  
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Fiberglass Cutting Operation at Hubbell’s Lenoir City Plant Moves to Automation

Automating fabric cutting operations saves Hubbell Lenoir City money and can produce composite products faster at less cost to support infrastructure expansion.

Automated cutting accelerates

Automated cutting accelerates

Software/hardware advances and peripheral equipment make flatbed cutters essential to automated production scenarios.
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Difficult Materials Make Automated Fabric Cutting More Indispensable than Ever

With lingering supply chain shortages, difficult-to-cut materials like Kevlar and many others demand a more accurate and efficient cutting process. Automated cutting is the answer.

Digital Demos

Improve production with five-axis machines built for composites

Virtually tour (4) USA-Made 5-Axis CNC Machines designed and engineered to help companies improve profits by decreasing cycle times and improving part quality. (Sponsored)


How Digital Cutting Technology Reduces Costs and Improves Flexibility

Automated cutting of composites reinforcement and other technical textiles is faster, more accurate and can result in dramatic reductions in material waste and labor. Having the right software is the key to getting the best results.


Automated Cutting of Composites Reinforcement Saves Time and Material, Improves Quality

Automated cutting of reinforcement materials is fast, accurate and reliable. It reduces labor costs and material waste and can substantially boost throughput.
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C-FREX exoskeleton depends on CFRP for unpowered movement

C-FREX uses a novel design and CFRP to overcome the heaviness and weakness of metallic exoskeletons.
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Additive Manufacturing

Composites 4.0: digital assistants, edge computing and the future of smart factories

Plataine reviews developments and discusses where composites manufacturing is headed.
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Zero-waste: New process, equipment recycles prepreg, tape offal

Technology provides sustainable approach to reusing valuable thermoplastic scrap in chips-based laminate.
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Airborne expands automated kitting partnerships in North America

Preferred Reselling Partners Eastman Machine and Zünd Systemtechnik leverage extensive experience in deploying cutters across diverse end markets to sell Airborne automated kitting solutions.


Cutting and stacking cell from Schmidt & Heinzmann earns ThinKing Award

Lightweight innovation award emphasizes the system’s successful interplay between hardware and software for flexible and precise preform cutting and stacking.


Eastman Machine, SAM|XL to advance pick-and-place integration with automated cutting

The technology partnership will test and develop smart manufacturing solutions for low-volume, high-variation manufacturing.


Single-step prepreg slitting and rewinding unit to advance NIAR ATLAS aviation research

Mikrosam, in collaboration with Composite Automation, delivers this custom-made machine, which offers slit flexibility, in-process inspection system and performs quality control on the fly.


Airborne, JETCAM develop digital interface for automated kitting

Integration of Airborne’s automated kitting solution and JETCAM’s CrossTrack software provides seamless data exchange for automated kitting of composite plies. 
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AI-based software solution improves Enercon's cutting and kitting operations

Plataine's optimization software solution enables Enercon to meet market demand, automate manufacturing processes and significantly reduce production costs and material waste.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Accudyne Systems

Accudyne Systems has developed automated ultrasonic net edge-of-part trimming solutions for a variety of composite preforms.  


Plataine HoneycombOptimizer tackles three-axis honeycomb cutting operations

Dynamic, efficient optimization software features a nesting algorithm for intuitive work order processing, optimal cut plans and up to 10% material savings.  


Hypertherm announces release of ProNest 2023 CAD/CAM nesting software

ProNest 2023 focuses on improving its automated Industry 4.0 functionalities and reducing cutting waste, ultimately giving users a more holistic operations perspective.


JEC World 2022 preview: Schmidt & Heinzmann

Schmidt & Heinzmann’s latest deburring cell, and cutting and stacking cell for processing dry fibers will be performed live and on site via VR for incoming visitors.


JEC World 2022 preview: Zünd

The Swiss cutting system manufacturer is presenting its smart workflow options for digital cutting and kitting of composite materials.
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CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Europe Technologies

Europe Technologies highlights its robotic finishing cells and ultrasonic cutting solutions.
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