U.S. Navy approves full-rate production for Sikorsky CH-53K helicopter

The decision is expected to increase production to more than 20 heavy-lift composites-intensive helicopters annually in the coming years.  

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Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


BAE Systems extends multi-year F-35 tail assembly agreement with Magellan Aerospace

Horizontal tail assembly production for the composite fighter aircraft continues at Magellan’s Winnipeg facility, targets more than 1,000 shipsets for the duration of the program.  


Norco Composites awarded new contracts, recruits to bolster workforce

High demand for Norco’s composites expertise in the defense, aerospace and subsea markets has led to the company’s investment in 10+ new workers and specialist training programs and facility developments.  


Northrop Grumman, U.S. Air Force introduce B-21 Raider 

The sixth-generation, composites-intensive strategic bomber aircraft represents new capabilities and flexibility supported by an advanced digital ecosystem.  


Montana State researchers introduce novel method for “stretch-broken” carbon fiber

New stretch-breaking concept consistently produces carbon fiber that is eight times more formable with strength equivalent to continuous fibers, enhancing its prospects to form to complex aircraft shapes and cut manufacturing costs.

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Skinning the F-35 fighter

Fasteneing the all-composites skin on the Lightning II requires machining and drilling technology that is optimized for cost-efficiency.
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Hi-Temp Resins

Plant tour: Qarbon Aerospace, Milledgeville, Ga. and Red Oak, Texas

Veteran aerostructures Tier 1 transforms into 21st century leader in thermoplastic composites and multiple new markets.


Nexam Chemical, the NCC develop solution for manufacturing high-temperature composites

Nexam Chemical’s Neximid high-temperature resin system can operate at temperatures up to 400°C, expanding the boundaries of composites into more demanding applications that weren’t previously possible.  


Lockheed Martin opens hypersonic strike production facility

Lockheed Martin’s  65,000-square-foot Hypersonic Missile Assembly Building 4 (MAB 4) integrates digital transformation advancements for training and virtual inspections.


Collaborative Boeing-led project validates large-scale composite AM tooling

The U.S. Navy-funded program demonstrated a large-scale, autoclave-curable 3D-printed carbon fiber composite tool using a Thermwood LSAM machine.


Braided preforms and resin infusion for next-generation aerocomposites

Spintech shows significant cost and labor savings using its Smart Tooling, dry fiber preforms and RTM/VARTM technology on aircraft wing and inlet duct demonstrators.
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Additive Manufacturing

Large-format 3D printing enables toolless, rapid production for AUVs

Dive Technologies started by 3D printing prototypes of its composite autonomous underwater vehicles, but AM became the solution for customizable, toolless production.


Bell starts operations at new Manufacturing Technology Center

Composites and metals manufacturing, automation, additive manufacturing and metrology will be undergirded by digital connectivity and digital twin to support affordable production of future vertical lift aircraft.
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Rockwood Composites to quadruple capacity with new U.K. facility, subsidiary in Morocco

U.K. composite components manufacture will transition from 5,000 to more than 30,000 square meters of facility space, with additional growth in end market services and skilled engineers.  


Collins Aerospace selected by AFRL to build thermoplastic composite fin for F-16

Part of $100 million, five-year investment to advance, qualify thermoplastic composites for military and commercial aero applications.  

Additive Manufacturing

Fortify ships Flux Core 3D printer to Ierus Technologies

Novel radio-frequency structures for defense systems are to be designed for and built via Fortify’s Flux Core composite-photopolymer 3D printer.  

Carbon Fibers

Toray Composite Materials America to double Torayca T1100 production capacity

The upgrade to the company’s Decatur, Alabama, carbon fiber plant is set to begin April 2023 in order to support rising demand in defense applications.  


Boeing reveals new Advanced Composite Fabrication Center

First of new purpose-built innovative defense factories based in Mesa, Ariz., U.S., will produce advanced composite components, leverage Industry 4.0 best practices from recent programs.  
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GA-ASI establishes Additive Design and Manufacturing Center of Excellence

New Center focuses on AM applications, R&D, large-scale tooling and next-generation flight hardware to streamline UAS manufacturing.  



CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Qarbon Aerospace

Qarbon Aerospace exhibits its capabilities in manufacturing composite components and assemblies, highlighting its proficiencies in major assembly and systems integration, automated layup, hand layup, high-temp composites and core fabrication.
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Carbon Fibers

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Toray

The Toray Group’s specialized product portfolio includes the Torayca carbon fiber and advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composites materials used in a variety of aerospace, defense, industrial and automotive applications.  


Park Aerospace adds RadarWave RW-HS-300 prepreg to lineup for radome systems

The prepreg fabric’s purpose is to optimize the design, structural integrity and manufacturability of challenging radome structures.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Toray

Toray Industries and its North American carbon fiber divisions present its specialized product portfolio, including Toray Cetex TC1225, Toray AmberTool HX56, the 2700 prepreg system and Torayca T1100.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Revolution Composites

Revolution Composites’ triaxial braiding process uses a wide range of fibers for for thrusters, nozzles and conical shapes in spaceflight.
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Markforged launches aerospace-ready traceable composite materials

Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A materials meet FST requirements, come with traceability and adhere to specifications approved by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP).