Innoptus Solar Team select JetCam for 2023 World Solar Challenge vehicle fabrication

JetCam software streamlines nesting performance for composite ply assembly and cutting for the team’s 100th solar vehicle.  


Adapa announces Curve Works as new co-investor

Curve Works owner Dr. François Geuskens is taking a proactive management role as Adapa’s CTO to continue broadening the functionality, application of the company’s adaptive mold system.  


Laminate Tools version 5.1 supports new and optimized user-driven functions

The new version release of Anaglyph’s composite design software offers an extensive list of feature improvements and enhancements to its Design, Check and Manufacture modules.  

Special Edition: Next Gen Aerospace

A glimpse at the materials and processes that will be on the table as next-generation aircraft are developed.

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Norco to build fuselage, wings and composite components for Skyfly eVTOL aircraft

Skyfly aims to achieve a complete airframe weight of just 220 kilograms, in addition to low-cost, accurate and reliable repeatability of manufacture for series production progression.  

Natural Fibers

Super Formula, Bcomp announce sustainable fiber composite bodywork

Japan’s premiere single-seater race series confirms hybrid composite parts for SF23 chassis as part of Next 50 plan.  


Clemson Composites Center leads research in low-cost composite tooling

Innovative technology approach to use additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence to produce tools faster, at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.  

Hi-Temp Resins

Composites enable epic interior for Museum of the Future

For this one-of-a-kind lobby, AFI pioneered digital, reconfigurable molds to achieve organic-shaped, multifunctional panels and stairwell cladding.

Carbon Fibers

Carbon fiber enables new, low-CO2 Skyrora orbital launch vehicle

U.K. private space company is developing and testing orbital launch vehicle Skyrora XL to carry small satellites in Earth’s orbit using eco-friendly fuel, a unified systems design and composites.  


Evident wind blade inspection system automates nondestructive ultrasonic testing

An autonomous, cobot-mounted inspection system combines Industry 4.0 with established ultrasonic technology to rapidly provide repeatable, accurate data and improve overall efficiency.
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STRUCTeam, Apex Composite Structures design, engineer sustainable composite footbridge

The 12.5-meter bridge provides pedestrian access through the village of Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, inspired by a similar footbridge commissioned by Network Rail in 2009.  


Chantiers de l’Atlantique reveals 66-meter, all-composite SolidSail mast

A technological feat, the large carbon fiber mast prototype targets the Silenseas sailing liner and sailing cargo ships for up to 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.  


RACER achieves “power on” test, prepares for 2023 maiden flights

Initial function checks were conducted at the Airbus Helicopter facility in Marignane, France, signaling the next step for the composite rotorcraft demonstrator and its highly collaborative teams.  


Natilus partners with Janicki for blended wing autonomous aircraft

The Tier 1 supplier will design, fabricate and provide quality assurance of primary composite structures for the Natilus N3.8T prototype, to be used for air freight transport.  


Rolls-Royce prepares UltraFan technology demonstrator for testing

The UltraFan aeroengine, with a fan diameter of 140 inches, is designed with a suite of technologies to contribute to fuel efficiency for narrowbody and widebody aircraft.  


EU-funded GENEX project to develop digital twin framework for aircraft lifecycle tracking

Novel digital framework to enable holistic and comprehensive data capture through the entire aircraft lifecycle, supporting composite component/structure manufacture optimization and maintenance.  
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Norco to build fuselage, wings and composite components for Skyfly eVTOL aircraft

Skyfly aims to achieve a complete airframe weight of just 220 kilograms, in addition to low-cost, accurate and reliable repeatability of manufacture for series production progression.  



Hexagon unveils new PV Elite release for design, analysis of pressure vessels, heat exchangers

Complete software solution incorporates the tools necessary to perform a broad range of vessel analysis and boundary-defining data inputs, enabling efficient design while ensuring those designs are up to safety codes.  

Additive Manufacturing

Markforged Simulation software features virtual testing capability

Virtual testing validates the strength of advanced composite parts and automatically optimizes print parameters to help lower cost and speed production.  


Re-Wind Network publishes second edition of repurposed wind blade design catalog

The fall/autumn 2022 Design Catalog presents designs and details of structures and products made from end-of-life repurposed wind turbine blades, with a new section on marine structures.  


Base Materials launches BE368 epoxy tooling board

Medium-temperature material is designed for the manufacture of master models, patterns, jigs and fixtures.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Symmetrix Composite Tooling

Symmetrix Composite Tooling highlights its high-quality sub-millimeter-accurate composite tooling services and its ability to undertake a wide variety of projects.  


Solvay launches LTM 350 low-temperature composite tooling prepreg 

Carbon fiber epoxy prepreg sets new standards in cost-efficient composite tooling with fast layup, fast initial cure and short post-cure cycles.