Energy Storage

Plastic Omnium, Shenergy Group JV to accelerate hydrogen development in China

Pilot project line in Shanghai for Type IV hydrogen systems will be in place by 2025, and a mega-plant with a 60,000-vessel capacity by 2026.  

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld

Carbon Fibers

Cryomotive opens Hydrogen Storage Manufacturing Center 

Cryomotive is to develop, manufacture and assemble Cryogas composite hydrogen tanks for commercial vehicles, buses and ships at new Pfeffenhausen site, accelerating hydrogen refueling systems production for zero-emission commercial vehicles.  
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Glass Fibers

NRP Zero invests in hydrogen pressure vessel producer Umoe Advanced Composites

Nordic shareholding investment funds UAC’s manufacturing expansion in Norway and Asia, with an initial target volume of 12,000 fiberglass storage tanks annually for both facilities.  

Energy Storage

Forvia brand Faurecia exhibits XL CGH2 tank, cryogenic LH2 storage solution for heavy-duty trucks

Part of its full hydrogen solutions portfolio at IAA Transportation 2022, Faurecia also highlighted sustainable thermoplastic tanks and smart tanks for better safety via structural integrity monitoring.

Energy Storage

Hyosung transforms nylon for use as liner in hydrogen fuel tanks

The company has succeeded in developing and using nylon as a core liner material in hydrogen storage vessels, overcoming metal and HDPE liner alternatives.  

Plastic Omnium announces construction of Compiègne hydrogen storage vessel facility

Plastic Omnium announces construction of Compiègne hydrogen storage vessel facility

Government-funded future factory will produce 80,000 Type IV storage vessels/year, adds to large contacts for design, production of 700-bar hydrogen vessels.  

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Filament Winding

Composites end markets: Pressure vessels (2022)

Global goals to reach zero emissions by 2050 drive high growth in composite pressure vessels.
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Energy Storage

Composites end markets: Fuel cells and batteries (2022)

Fuel cell vehicles are slated for high growth while battery electric vehicles ramp in production, both are driving new developments in composites materials and processes.
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Nexam Chemical, the NCC develop solution for manufacturing high-temperature composites

Nexam Chemical’s Neximid high-temperature resin system can operate at temperatures up to 400°C, expanding the boundaries of composites into more demanding applications that weren’t previously possible.  


In-situ composites sensors for increased production rates, smart processes and life cycle monitoring

Com&Sens FBG sensors are embedded into pressure vessels, rudders and bridges, with new edge and surface connection technology, aimed at cost-effective serial production and monitoring of composite structures.
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Energy Storage

Mikrosam celebrates commissioning of world's largest production line for CNG and hydrogen tanks

Turnkey project integrates four filament winding machines, two large ovens and multiple robotic lines and buffering stations to produce 60,000 tanks per year.


CosiMo: Smart thermoplastic RTM process demonstrated for battery box cover challenge simulator

Project uses network of DEA, temperature/pressure and ultrasonic sensors plus digital simulation and AI modeling to monitor and optimize injection of caprolactam into complex glass fiber preform and in-situ polymerization of PA6.

Energy Storage

Hanwha Solutions acquires Cimarron Composites, aims to be global leader in high-pressure tanks by 2030

Hanwha Cimarron LLC will build new $130 million production facility in Alabama to produce large-scale tanks for hydrogen transport, filling stations and support expansion into tanks for UAM, drones, launch vehicle rockets, defense, rail, cargo ships and more.
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Energy Storage

Plastic Omnium supports development of Safra Hycity hydrogen-powered buses

Passenger transportation retrofit specialist will receive Plastic Omnium’s Type IV high-pressure hydrogen vessels, fuel cell systems, and technical and product launch support.  

Energy Storage

Cryomotive to manufacture first CRYOGAS hydrogen storage vessels using Mikrosam winder

Carbon fiber-reinforced composite cryogenic compressed (CcH2) system offers up to 80 kilograms of H2 and 1,000 kilometers of range for heavy-duty truck and bus applications.

Energy Storage

Matrix Composites secures $14 million to support deepwater floating rig project in Asia

High-performance composite deepwater drill riser buoyancy systems supply capitalizes on increased activity in the subsea segment.  

Energy Storage

NPROXX expands business into the U.S.

Type IV tank manufacturer cites national hydrogen investment, more supportive vehicle regulations and general expansion opportunities as reasons for its 2023 U.S. establishment goals.
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Carbon Fibers

Italian startup, Advanced Composites Solutions develop portable solar panel via recovered carbon fiber

Origami-inspired panel from Levante and ACS upcycles supercar scrap, solves energy accessibility for off-the-grid travelers.

Energy Storage

AMRC, industrial partners develop Type IV hydrogen tank for long-haul vehicles

In the 12-month project, the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has built prototype tanks and worked to build a secure U.K. supply chain.



CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Olin Epoxy

Olin Epoxy offers a portfolio of epoxy systems for challenging applications. Litestone, Voraforce and Airstone aim to resolve problems and support customers’ business growth.
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Filament Winding

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Cevotec

The company’s carbon fiber pressure vessel dome reinforcement using FPP technology effectively cuts cycle time and material consumption while increasing storage efficiency by 19%.  
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Urban Air Mobility

JEC World 2022 preview: Hexcel

Hexcel is presenting a wide range of high-performance composite solutions for the automotive, marine, wind, recreations, aerospace and UAM markets at its JEC World booth next week.

Energy Storage

Axiom prepregs target pressure vessels

Axiom Materials has launched two new narrow prepreg products developed for use in pressure vessels to store compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen for e-mobility applications.


EconCore thermoplastic honeycomb cores deliver high-heat performance, facilitates recyclability

Honeycomb cores incorporate Sabic NORYL GTX resin for improved dimensional stability, lower water absorption and demonstration of thermoset composite skin compatibility.

Filament Winding

Magnum Venus products launches fusion filament winder

Ideal for winding pressure vessels, the Fusion filament winder is a compact, adaptable design.