Reliance Industries enhances polyester textiles with FRX Nofia technology

Polymeric phosphorus-based additive solution brings fire retardance and sustainability to Recron FS fabrics, enabling safe, responsible end-use applications.  

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


Industrial thread company Coats Group opens Huanmantla manufacturing facility

Mexico facility will support the company’s development of high-performance material threads, yarns and fabrics for the automotive and composites industries, among others.  


Tri-Mack introduces thin, lightweight thermoplastic composite enclosures

Durable, low-cost manufacturing support wide range of industrial uses, with option for embedded EMI shielding.  
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Microtex Composites

Microtex Composites presents Microtex-Style, a new composite fabric option to support creative part and structure customization for industry customers.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Alliance Corp.

Composite part design and fabrication is supported through standard and custom solutions with global tooling, machinery and service supplier Composite Alliance Corp.

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1

ATL and AFP-based preforming options now abound for processing dry and/or impregnated reinforcements as quickly as 1 minute or less with potential yearly part yields in the millions.
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JEC World 2022, Part 3: Emphasizing emerging markets, thermoplastics and carbon fiber

CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan identifies companies exhibiting at JEC World 2022 that are advancing both materials and technologies for the growing AAM, hydrogen, automotive and sustainability markets.


JEC World 2022, Part 1: Highlights in sustainable, digital, industrialized composites

JEC World 2022 offered numerous new developments in composites materials, processes and applications, according to CW senior editor, Ginger Gardiner, most targeting improved sustainability for wider applications.
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Difficult Materials Make Automated Fabric Cutting More Indispensable than Ever

With lingering supply chain shortages, difficult-to-cut materials like Kevlar and many others demand a more accurate and efficient cutting process. Automated cutting is the answer.


CosiMo: Smart thermoplastic RTM process demonstrated for battery box cover challenge simulator

Project uses network of DEA, temperature/pressure and ultrasonic sensors plus digital simulation and AI modeling to monitor and optimize injection of caprolactam into complex glass fiber preform and in-situ polymerization of PA6.


Robotic computed tomography – removing NDT barriers for composites

Radalytica uses collaborative robots, ultra-sensitive X-ray photon detectors and the ability to combine CT with ultrasound, surface profiling and other inspection methods to optimize composites part quality, production and reduce cost.
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Braided preforms and resin infusion for next-generation aerocomposites

Spintech shows significant cost and labor savings using its Smart Tooling, dry fiber preforms and RTM/VARTM technology on aircraft wing and inlet duct demonstrators.
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Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.


Australia’s Gale Pacific, Deakin University to develop novel composite fabric 

The technical fabrics manufacturer will harness research capabilities at Deakin’s Carbon Nexus facility to increase product range and applications.

Carbon Fibers

Solvay expands Solvalite portfolio into automotive, invest in Xencor LFT production facilities

New fast curing carbon fiber and woven fabric prepregs target high-volume automotive applications such as body panels with optimized structural part performance.


Saint-Gobain, Roctool join efforts to boost composite 3D textile preform parts manufacturing

3D automated knitted preform layup technology and heat and cooling technologies for additional curing efficiency open a new window of application opportunities for composite and thermoplastic parts.
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Saertex expands production range with pultruded planks for rotor blades

SAERplanks pultruded profiles, opening new avenues in the wind industry, comprise heavy-tow carbon fibers produced using a novel hybrid resin system for reliable performance, high productivity and minimum scrap rates.


Saertex opens production facility in Mexico for textile reinforcements

Saertex Mexico S.A. de C.V plant will begin production of multiaxial glass fiber noncrimp fabrics immediately, with goals to add production lines for expansion into wind power sector.


Resin-infused center console boat configuration proves higher performance, speed, quality

Hayaari Marine employs a revised infusion setup using semi-permeable membranes to eliminate porosity and improve laminate consolidation, reducing about 450 kilograms of resin per boat, and offering 20% weight savings.


Glass Fibers

The Gill Corp. announces novel Gillcore HF fiberglass honeycomb core

High-temperature fiberglass-reinforced phenolic honeycomb core meets all AMS 3715 requirements with optimized moisture resistance.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Kastilo Technical Fabrics GmbH

Kastilo highlights its specialization in PTFE-coated fabrics and belts, including its Magic Surface film lamination coating and PTFE-coated Multiple fabric/belts.


AGY, Kaneka develop transparent fiber-reinforced composite

The S-2 Glass fiber/epoxy material offers tunable transparency, low haze, good impact and mechanical properties.

Carbon Fibers

JEC World 2022 preview: Gen 2 Carbon

Gen 2 Carbon is launching its ultra-lightweight 60 gsm recycled nonwoven mat under its G-TEX product range, combining textile flexibility with low fiber area weight.


JEC World 2022 preview: Institute of Textile Technology, RWTH Aachen University

ITA is demonstrating a live cobot interaction for the draping of textile reinforcements, as well as other composite material innovations.


Toray develops eco-friendly Toyoflon textile

Toyoflon TM high-strength textile achieves slide durability 25 times greater than existing counterparts, with friction dropping by more than 50%.