New polymer expands composites options in demanding environments

Aromatic thermosetting copolyester offers unique properties, availability in multiple form factors.

Peggy Malnati
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Carbon Fibers

Toray, Specialty Materials strengthen partnership for next-gen aerospace applications

Commercial partnership enables novel solution innovations with domestically produced, high-quality products within the U.S. supply chain.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Renegade Materials Corp.

Renegade Materials is promoting its high-performance prepreg, RTM resin and adhesive products for use in demanding aerospace applications.  
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SuCoHS project: Advancing composite solutions for parts with high thermal and mechanical loads

New materials, structural concepts and manufacturing using sensors for composites that resist fire, temperature and loads while providing weight and cost savings versus metals.
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Plant tour: Qarbon Aerospace, Milledgeville, Ga. and Red Oak, Texas

Veteran aerostructures Tier 1 transforms into 21st century leader in thermoplastic composites and multiple new markets.

Hot zone chart

Resins for the Hot Zone, Part I: Polyimides

 As next-generation aerospace programs demand higher service temperatures in structural and hot section components, a variety of polyimides vie for program approval.
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Want The Basics?

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Carbon Fibers

Multi-composite thrust chamber aims to boost rockets, reduce cost for New Space economy

Black Engine uses new, microporous CMC liner for transpiration cooling and multiple lightweight composites in modular design that offers increased lifetime and lower maintenance versus current launch vehicle engines.
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Energy Storage

Nexam Chemical, the NCC develop solution for manufacturing high-temperature composites

Nexam Chemical’s Neximid high-temperature resin system can operate at temperatures up to 400°C, expanding the boundaries of composites into more demanding applications that weren’t previously possible.  


One-piece, one-cure, infused carbon fiber wheel is ready to roll

ESE Carbon Co.’s new carbon fiber wheel uses tailored fiber placement and custom presses to minimize waste and improve scalability.
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Hi-Temp Resins

How the CMC process works

GE Aviation releases video walking through their complete process chain for ceramic matrix composites.


Arevo in 2018: Industrialized production of continuous fiber 3D-printed parts

With new CEO and $12.5 million in B-series financing, Arevo will have eight direct energy deposition (DED) cells attacking its parts production backlog by year-end.
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Composites at AeroDef 2018

Highlights from the Aerospace Defense Manufacturing Conference – AeroDef 2018 include new technologies for tooling, drilling/machining and inspection of advanced composites.
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Compression Molding

Carbon Fibre Preforms for low-cost and zero waste

Chopped fiber preforms in seconds, 1200°C burn resistance for hours, low-cost CFRP to replace metals
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Nexam Chemical, the NCC develop solution for manufacturing high-temperature composites

Nexam Chemical’s Neximid high-temperature resin system can operate at temperatures up to 400°C, expanding the boundaries of composites into more demanding applications that weren’t previously possible.  

Hi-Temp Resins

Virginia Tech researchers develop IGA for more efficient modeling of skin-stringer composites with complex cutouts

Isogeometric analysis offers higher rates of convergence and accuracy versus standard FE methods, will be offered as opensource code on GitHub.


Magnolia Advanced Materials selected for Boeing Premier Bidder Program

The program recognizes high-performing Boeing Commercial Aircraft suppliers and offers an opportunity for increased business with Boeing.
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Compression Molding

Teledyne CML Composites invests in thermoplastic processing capability

In conjunction with the NCC, the automated processing cell supports high-performance thermoplastic and compression-molded thermoset parts production for the commercial aerospace and defense markets.

Hi-Temp Resins

Continuous Composites, Siemens Energy apply high-performance materials for power generators

Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D) enables new designs for AM with thermoset GFRP composite and exceeds material requirements for generator components.


Web Industries launches composite formatting line in France

The U.S.-based precision formatter has installed its first high-volume composite slitting and spooling line at its Omega Systèmes plant in Nantes, France.


Additive Manufacturing

AIM3D multi-material 3D printer targets precise, cost-effective polymer processing

Extrusion 3D printer offers considerably faster build rates and can print up to three different materials in parallel for metals, ceramics and high-temperature plastics such as PEEK and PPS with or without fiber filling.


CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Renegade Materials Corp.

Renegade Materials Corp. is promoting its prepregs, resins and adhesive products.
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Kordsa targets phenolic-based sandwich panel toward aircraft interiors

The sandwich panels comprise glass fiber/phenolic skins surrounding a Nomex honeycomb core.


Bieglo GmbH adds new high-performance polymers to product lineup

The Germany-based company has added polybenzimidazole (PBI) and thermosetting polyimide (PI-s) to its product families.
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Hi-Temp Resins

Spherical polyamide particles developed for 3D printing

Specifically designed for additive manufacturing, Toray’s new spherical synthetic particles can be used to produce high-strength, heat-resistant 3D-printed parts.

Hi-Temp Resins

Bitrez launches bio-based resin systems

Bitrez Ltd.’s new family of bio-based resins, including bio-epoxy systems and PFA, are designed for composite applications and are REACH compliant.
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