Clean Hydrogen Partnership selects 15 regions to receive project development assistance

The chosen European regions will receive targeted support from dedicated hydrogen consultants beginning in early 2023 to advance fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.  


Stellantis to acquire stake in hydrogen mobility company Symbio

Automotive manufacturing company joins Faurecia and Michelin to further industrialize and globalize Symbio’s growth for hydrogen mobility.  

U.S. administration to issue $750 million to accelerate clean hydrogen technologies

Funding will advance advance electrolysis technology, drive down clean hydrogen and fuel cell costs, provide long-term support for hydrogen support and other industry deployments.  


H3 Dynamics, Carbonix to build Australia’s first hydrogen VTOL unmanned aircraft

Innovations in hydrogen-electric nacelles will be integrated into Carbonix’s existing fleet of composite aircraft to mature, further promote hydrogen adoption for long-distance, uncrewed flight in Australia.  

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Cryomotive opens Hydrogen Storage Manufacturing Center 

Cryomotive is to develop, manufacture and assemble Cryogas composite hydrogen tanks for commercial vehicles, buses and ships at new Pfeffenhausen site, accelerating hydrogen refueling systems production for zero-emission commercial vehicles.  

Airbus reveals hydrogen-powered zero-emission engine

Fuel cell engine architecture will be tested onboard Airbus’ ZEROe demonstrator aircraft to determine feasibility of a 2035 entry-into-service.  


Mikrosam, H2Storage collaborate on 300+-liter Type IV hydrogen tanks

Automated filament winding cell achieving wind speeds of 6 meters/second improves production performance, shortens curing cycle for serial production of 700-bar Type IV tanks.  

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NRP Zero invests in hydrogen pressure vessel producer Umoe Advanced Composites

Nordic shareholding investment funds UAC’s manufacturing expansion in Norway and Asia, with an initial target volume of 12,000 fiberglass storage tanks annually for both facilities.  

Hexagon Purus receives first hydrogen distribution systems order for 2024

Hybrid system will enable German-based Hypion to efficiently transport and refuel hydrogen with the same distribution system.  


H2fly begins LH2 tank integration into HY4 test aircraft

Liquid tank passes vibration and leakage test, kickstarting the mechanical integration process and rigorous ground testing early in 2023 for zero-emissions commercial flight.  

H22S project will develop, trial Australia’s first hydrogen-propelled drone

Swinburne’s AIR HUB will bring together industry, research and education for design and integration of a novel hydrogen propulsion system, driving decarbonization, and regulatory and operational developments.  

Hexagon Composites subsidiaries announce new CNG, hydrogen orders and agreements

Hexagon Purus and Hexagon Agility are to supply Type IV hydrogen systems and CNG Mobile Pipeline modules, respectively, for customers in Israel, France and Portugal.  

European hydrogen orders announced by Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus is to deliver hydrogen distribution systems and mobile refueling stations for transportation and industrial applications by 2023.  

Faurecia receives funding to industrialize next-gen CGH2 and LH2 tanks for 2024 production

€213 million for Historhy Next project accelerates development of low-carbon raw materials and recyclability for composite tanks produced at Allenjoie plant, targeting 100,000/year.  

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Forvia brand Faurecia exhibits XL CGH2 tank, cryogenic LH2 storage solution for heavy-duty trucks

Part of its full hydrogen solutions portfolio at IAA Transportation 2022, Faurecia also highlighted sustainable thermoplastic tanks and smart tanks for better safety via structural integrity monitoring.

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Hyosung transforms nylon for use as liner in hydrogen fuel tanks

The company has succeeded in developing and using nylon as a core liner material in hydrogen storage vessels, overcoming metal and HDPE liner alternatives.  

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Plastic Omnium announces construction of Compiègne hydrogen storage vessel facility

Government-funded future factory will produce 80,000 Type IV storage vessels/year, adds to large contacts for design, production of 700-bar hydrogen vessels.  

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Plastic Omnium supports development of Safra Hycity hydrogen-powered buses

Passenger transportation retrofit specialist will receive Plastic Omnium’s Type IV high-pressure hydrogen vessels, fuel cell systems, and technical and product launch support.  

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Cryomotive to manufacture first CRYOGAS hydrogen storage vessels using Mikrosam winder

Carbon fiber-reinforced composite cryogenic compressed (CcH2) system offers up to 80 kilograms of H2 and 1,000 kilometers of range for heavy-duty truck and bus applications.

Graphmatech graphene-enhanced solution reduces hydrogen leaks

Graphmatech’s AROS MB HDPE masterbatch line reduces hydrogen gas leaks by more than 40% for pipes and Type IV pressure vessels.  

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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Olin Epoxy

Olin Epoxy offers a portfolio of epoxy systems for challenging applications. Litestone, Voraforce and Airstone aim to resolve problems and support customers’ business growth.


Plastic Omnium builds U.S. capacity to supply Ford trucks with high-pressure hydrogen vessels

At its Michigan facility, the company will provide Type IV high-pressure hydrogen vessels to equip Ford’s fleet of hydrogen fuel cell EV truck prototypes.


HAV Hydrogen to introduce containerized H2 system for ships

The standalone, scalable power supply is an option for newly build vessels, or those not already prepared for a conventional retrofit installation below deck, fast-tracking H2 fuel use. HAV notes future opportunities for composites.  

German industrial gas company orders hydrogen transport systems

Wystrach’s hydrogen transport systems with Hexagon Purus’ Type IV composite pressure vessels will be used to deliver hydrogen for industrial applications in Germany.

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