Urban Air Mobility

Norco to build fuselage, wings and composite components for Skyfly eVTOL aircraft

Skyfly aims to achieve a complete airframe weight of just 220 kilograms, in addition to low-cost, accurate and reliable repeatability of manufacture for series production progression.  

Grace Nehls
Managing Editor, CompositesWorld

Digital Demos

Digital Demo: Secure Vacuum Bag Seal Eliminates Single-Use Sealant Tapes in Closed Mold Process

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) has developed a reusable two-part seal for the vacuum infusion closed mold process, replacing single-use sealant tapes. (Sponsored)
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Composite Integration wins Composites UK Industry Awards

U.K. company innovated a composites manufacturing technique capable of producing a single-piece, single-shot, infused prototype helicopter fuselage.  


Grand Largue Composites, Sicomin enable flax fiber-built Class40 racing yacht

Fibers, fabrics, epoxy resins and adhesives from Sicomin helped realize the lightweight, strong and stiff Crosscall yacht, capable of tackling extreme ocean racing conditions.  


Argosy International appointed exclusive distribution partner for Aerovac Composites One in Japan

The global supplier of specialty materials and services continues to expand its distribution partnership with Aerovac.    

The evolution of infusion

As resin infusion continues to infiltrate composites, fabricators across the market spectrum drive materials and process developments in pursuit of process control.
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Want The Basics?

Videos / Podcasts


JEC World 2022, Part 1: Highlights in sustainable, digital, industrialized composites

JEC World 2022 offered numerous new developments in composites materials, processes and applications, according to CW senior editor, Ginger Gardiner, most targeting improved sustainability for wider applications.
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Composite rotary milking platform evolves via process innovations

Infusion and LRTM-based processes and design enabled Waikato Milking Systems to bring a lighter, less labor-intensive platform to the global dairy market.


Sensors: Data for next-gen composites manufacturing

In the quest for sustainability, sensors are reducing cycle times, energy use and waste, automating closed-loop process control and increasing knowledge to open new possibilities for intelligent manufacturing and structures.
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Additive Manufacturing

Fingerprinting liquids for composites

Collo uses electromagnetic sensors and edge analytics to optimize resin degassing, mixing, infusion, polymerization and cure as well as monitoring drift from benchmarked process parameters and enabling in-situ process control.
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Clean Sky 2 FUSINBUL project develops full-scale, carbon fiber pressure bulkheads

Two 3.5-meter pressure bulkhead demonstrators incorporate advanced layup techniques with the goal of increasing serial production capabilities for fuselage manufacture for regional aircraft.

Filament Winding

Composite-metal joining, braided preforms enable next-generation aircraft design

Collins Aerospace invests in new joining, preforming and infusion techniques to target aircraft design needs for reduced weight and lower-cost manufacture.
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In-mold coating offers high-performance finishing for epoxy-infused composites

ODG Composites’ Element Xtreme is a lightweight, long-lasting protective and aesthetic coating suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.


GRP Solutions appointed Airtech distributor in U.K. and Ireland

GRP Solutions will distribute Airtech’s vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials.


Blue Wind manufactures 1,000 nacelles in 28 months with one mold

Manufacturer combined speed and quality for composite wind turbine nacelles during the pandemic, producing 10 nacelles per week.  

Carbon Fibers

Monash Motorsport constructs FSAE autonomous, electric vehicle with ATL Composites materials

Composite are incorporated into the vehicle’s monocoque chassis, aerofoils, aerofoil endplates and other components to suit high aerodynamic loads, minimize mass and enhance efficiency for the globally competitive team.  


Technology Marketing acquires SR Composites’ IP rights for Sprayomer Technology

Technology Marketing to leverage the accelerated adoption of reusable vacuum membranes and bags in the composites industry.  


BM Composites announces the launch of the Linx 30 Superyacht Tender

The first custom tender brand designed and made in Mallorca, Spain, highlights the customizable Linx 30, a carbon fiber infused superyacht with 30-40% improved fuel efficiency.  


NCC and Synthesites work toward intelligent manufacturing for resin infused composites

The National Composites Centre (NCC) and Synthesites develop an advanced closed loop control system for resin infusion with non-invasive sensors, real-time resin flow monitoring and accurate, in-situ estimation of online viscosity and glass transition temperature.



CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Smartech

Smartech underscores its industrial reusable vacuum bagging products for reduced waste, easy debulking and the capability to be used for complex projects.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Magnum Venus Products

Rather than sealant tapes for infusion processes, Magnum Venus Products suggests the use of its Secure Vacuum Bag Seal, an inflatable seal designed to fit into a groove built into the perimeter of the mold.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: SWORL

SWORL's lightweight spray fabricated reusable and sealing mechanisms are readily applicable for autoclave or infusion processes.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Alliance Corp.

Composite part design and fabrication is supported through standard and custom solutions with global tooling, machinery and service supplier Composite Alliance Corp.


Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ vacuum pump range offer Industry 4.0 functionalities

Variable speed-driven, oil-injected screw vacuum pumps are well suited for the infusion process, complete with 15% smaller footprint, integrated HEX@TM controller and optimized performance.


JEC World 2022 preview: Composite Integration

The next-generation Ciject Two for closed molding processes and greater processing control and a one-third scale mold of a five-seater helicopter fuselage will be on display at Composites Integration’s JEC World booth.