Five composites trends to watch

Attending North America’s largest manufacturing trade event? Check out exhibits and conference presentations geared toward topics like post-processing, additive manufacturing, automation and more.

Hannah Mason
Technical Editor, CompositesWorld


German UniFix project develops mobile holding fixture to enhance production efficiency of large CFRP structures

Fraunhofer IFAM and Airbus Operations in Stade demonstrate reduced manual handling and non-productive time in flow-oriented manufacturing of vertical tail plane.
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Artificial intelligence optimizes CNC milling of carbon fiber-reinforced composites

The Augsburg AI Production Network — DLR Center for Lightweight Production Technology (ZLP), Fraunhofer IGCV and University of Augsburg — use ultrasonic sensors to correlate sound to quality in composites machining.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Autonational

Autonational highlights its capabilities in automated filament winding and CNC machining, including a recent case study from a utility vehicle manufacturer.


CAMX 2021 exhibit preview: Europe Technologies

Europe Technologies highlights its robotic finishing cells and ultrasonic cutting solutions.
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Machining update: One-shot dry drilling of stacked materials

Tool design innovations tighten tolerances and cut costs for those who drill composite-metal assemblies.
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Want The Basics?

Videos / Podcasts


CMS debuts hybrid LFAM/milling machine

The machining specialist has developed the first iteration of Kreator, a large-format, thermoplastic composite 3D printer and five-axis milling machine for tooling and jigs.
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Additive Manufacturing

Using sensor data to improve composite parts and processes

nebumind software builds digital twins from manufacturing data to trace defects, compare manufactured parts, qualify processes, develop tolerance windows for process monitoring and more.


Composites 4.0: digital assistants, edge computing and the future of smart factories

Plataine reviews developments and discusses where composites manufacturing is headed.
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Industrialized continuous fiber composite printing in Delft

CEAD offers large builds with speed, precision, low-cost extrusion and continuous fiber.
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Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) with moi composites

Continuous fiber 3D printing using epoxy, vinylester and acrylic with continuous glass, carbon, basalt and other fibers, including deposition along nonlinear curves, is only the beginning.
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Compression Molding

Automated Preforming, Part 7: Fill Gesellschaft

Fill automates preforming for 1-min cycle time overmolded thermoplastic automotive parts but supplies automation throughout aero- and autocomposites process chains.
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Composites at AeroDef 2018

Highlights from the Aerospace Defense Manufacturing Conference – AeroDef 2018 include new technologies for tooling, drilling/machining and inspection of advanced composites.
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University of Bristol, NCC develop novel composite materials to assess performance in space

In-house developed matrices reinforced with carbon fiber will spend six months attached to the ISS to better understand and improve their functionality in extreme space conditions.
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CEAD and Belotti make large-scale additive composites manufacturing accessible for industry

Strategic partnership combines expertise of additive and subtractive manufacturing into single hybrid solution: BEAD.


Northrop Grumman contributes key composite structures for ULA Delta IV rocket launch

Eleven composite structure such as composite thermal shields, interstage, payload, propellant tanks, produced via hand layup, machining and inspection techniques supported the successful launch.
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Fraunhofer IPT automates production of thermoplastic CFRP engine fan blades

Successful first demonstrations on 16-mm-thick CF/PA12 to be followed by CF/PEEK tapes and embedded sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM).


Fraunhofer IFAM automates pre-assembly of CFRP fuselage frames

Positioning and drilling end effector for automated, high-precision and quality-assured pre-assembly developed with Airbus in German-funded “Tempo” sub-project.

Carbon Fibers

Carbon fiber windsurf fin incorporates Sicomin bio-based epoxy resin

Sicomin GreenPoxy 33 meets high-performance windsurfing fins requirements, accommodating significant loads, high torsion stiffness and flexibility.
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Leuco PCD cutting tools enable high surface quality with long tool life

Leuco’s pure diamond milling, drilling and cutting tools achieve surface and durability requirements for CFRP automotive and aerospace components.

Additive Manufacturing

CMS debuts hybrid LFAM/milling machine

The machining specialist has developed the first iteration of Kreator, a large-format, thermoplastic composite 3D printer and five-axis milling machine for tooling and jigs.
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Oerlikon Balzers launches new line of diamond coatings

Oerlikon Balzers has introduced its new Baldia portfolio of diamond coatings machining and drilling highly abrasive materials.


CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Fibreworks and Composite Factory

Fibreworks Composites and sister company Composite Factory highlight their capabilities for building complex composite structures.

Glass Fibers

YG-1 solid-carbide routers designed for faster composites machining

Four new solid-carbide fiberglass routers have been launched for CNC or hand routers to handle everyday composite machining.

Carbon Fibers

Finishing tools prevent delamination in hybrid material machining

Seco Tools’ JC898 rougher and JC899 finisher are designed for use with hybrid CFRP-metal stacked materials for aerospace applications.