Natural Fibers

Lingrove plant-based ekoa composite featured in Hyundai Palisade concept vehicle

Carbon-neutral biocomposite enables interactive doorspear with look and feel of wood while protecting trees, enabling transparency and capacitive touch for futuretech.

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Super Formula, Bcomp announce sustainable fiber composite bodywork

Japan’s premiere single-seater race series confirms hybrid composite parts for SF23 chassis as part of Next 50 plan.  

Glass Fibers

Saertex expands global production network capacities for technical textile manufacture

Saertex reorganizes and invests in its 12 global facilities for producing multiaxial NCFs made of glass, carbon, aramid and natural fibers to supply wind power, mobility and industrial markets.  

Natural Fibers

CELC changes name to Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is launching its new identity in early 2023 for all target groups, including natural fiber composite applications.  

Additive Manufacturing

SeaBioComp project develops biocomposite demonstrator products for marine applications

Prototype products explore thermoplastic polymers, natural fibers and 3D printing technologies to effectively reduce the use of fossil-based materials in the marine sector.  

Natural fiber composites: Market share, one part at a time

Natural fiber composites: Market share, one part at a time

Suppliers and adventurous composites fabricators put the “feel good” aspect in the rearview mirror, winning customers by competing on price and performance.
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Faurecia advances biocomposites, recyclability, reduced CO2 and sustainability in automotive

Efforts include advancing NAFILean materials family in weight reduction and sustainability, as well as new Sustainable Materials division and R&D Center.  
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Natural Fibers

The NCC, Skanska trial low-carbon, basalt fiber-reinforced concrete

Study is critical to understanding the impact of low-carbon concrete and advanced composite reinforcement systems in the construction sector, and its contributions toward low-carbon emissions, structural performance and EOL recycling.

Natural Fibers

Solution-based digital composites fabrication

MIT evolves liquid biomaterials into a new approach for sustainable engineered composite structures.
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Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.

Natural Fibers

Polestar announces production plans for natural composites-intensive BEV

The Precept battery electric vehicle, developed by Volvo’s Polestar brand, is said to feature Bcomp interior and exterior flax fiber composite panels.
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Natural fiber crash box design for motorsport

The natural fiber Front Impact Absorbing Structure (FIAS) prototype showed desired crash behavior and eradication of sharp splintering, proving it as an alternative to carbon fiber in motorsport applications.


Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) with moi composites

Continuous fiber 3D printing using epoxy, vinylester and acrylic with continuous glass, carbon, basalt and other fibers, including deposition along nonlinear curves, is only the beginning.
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Natural Fibers

Henry Royce Institute uses FET system for trials on more sustainable fibers from wood pulp

Fibre Extrusion Technology wet spinning system selected for sustainable, advanced materials research in the U.K.    

Natural Fibers

Helicoid Industries releases three use cases of Helicoid technology

Use case applications with Helicoid technology implementation demonstrated mechanical performance improvements, such as impact resistance and strength.  
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Natural Fibers

Heartland completes first industrial hemp fiber life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) studies Heartland’s Imperium Filler natural fiber additive as a carbon-negative replacement for mineral fillers commonly used in plastics.  


Grand Largue Composites, Sicomin enable flax fiber-built Class40 racing yacht

Fibers, fabrics, epoxy resins and adhesives from Sicomin helped realize the lightweight, strong and stiff Crosscall yacht, capable of tackling extreme ocean racing conditions.  

Natural Fibers

KTM Technologies motorsport component earns SPE Automotive Award

Brake disc protection comprises a balance of flax fibers and bio-based polyamides for almost 70% savings in CO2, improved recycling properties.  


Toyoda Gosei develops nanocellulose fiber-reinforced plastics for automotive parts

Newly developed CNF-reinforced plastic used in product transport containers combines 20% CNF in a general-purpose polypropylene, aims to reduce CO2 over the lifecycle of components.  



CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Culture iN

Biodegradable and VOC-free flax-based textile, Varian, offers composites manufacturers a more ecological, environmentally friendly alternative to carbon and glass fiber composites.  

Carbon Fibers

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Helicoid Industries

Helicoidal fiber-reinforced composites are the inspiration for new developments in rain erosion-resistant substrates, improvement in damage tolerance and sustainable composites.  

Natural Fibers

Porcher Industries launches new range of flax fiber-based thermoplastic composites for automotive

Composite stiffeners, sold as textiles, are made primarily of flax fibers grown, selected, mixed and woven in France for modern, durable and environmentally conscious applications.  


Hexcel announces HexPly Nature Range

Natural fibers combined with bio-derived epoxy resins provide sustainable options for industrial markets with same high performance.

Natural Fibers

JEC World 2022 preview: European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC)

CELC, in collaboration with JEC Group is setting up the new Natural Fiber Village at JEC World in hall 5, where technical reports, renewable material demonstrations and applications exemplify natural fiber sustainability.

Natural Fibers

JEC World 2022 preview: Chomarat

Chomarat will be unveiling a range of natural fiber reinforcements, hosting free, open discussions on a range of sustainable solution topics and is supporting the launch of a new book on Double-Double composite laminates.