EU-funded GENEX project to develop digital twin framework for aircraft lifecycle tracking

Novel digital framework to enable holistic and comprehensive data capture through the entire aircraft lifecycle, supporting composite component/structure manufacture optimization and maintenance.  


Virgin Galactic selects Boeing subsidiary, Aurora, to build new motherships

Agreement with Aurora Flight Sciences to deliver two composite mothership vehicles, each designed to fly up to 200 launches per year, expected to enter service in 2025.  


German UniFix project develops mobile holding fixture to enhance production efficiency of large CFRP structures

Fraunhofer IFAM and Airbus Operations in Stade demonstrate reduced manual handling and non-productive time in flow-oriented manufacturing of vertical tail plane.


Multi-flange RTM frames enable radical rear fuselage design

The Clean Sky 2 Advanced Rear End (ARE) demonstrator combines patented new frame design, thermoset and thermoplastic composites and smart tooling to advance aircraft design and cut weight, cost and production time.


DLR Augsburg integrates sixth frame to upper half fuselage test shell for MFFD

Clean Sky 2 thermoplastic composite demonstrator advances toward full assembly.


DLR Institute of Structures and Design releases video on TB-Rumpf welded thermoplastic composites

Autoclave-free consolidation and resistance welding validated for future aircraft thermoplastic composite fuselage.


Boeing all-composite cryogenic fuel tank proves technology readiness

Ultra-lightweight tank passes critical test campaigned  by NASA, intended for a variety of aerospace applications and beyond.


Saab Aerostructures announces composite cargo door iteration, flaperon developments

Saab Aerostructures has reported updates to two of its composites-related projects, an RTM’d flaperon and the next iteration of the Clean Sky 2 technology demonstrator cargo doors.


Aerospace Technology Institute unveils concept for liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft

FlyZero project posits 279-pax midsize jetliner; will publish technology roadmaps for wings, H2 tanks and cryo fuel systems in early 2022.

EU launches Clean Aviation partnership, targeting 75% of civil fleet replaced for zero emissions by 2050

Clean Aviation carries forward from Clean Sky to develop disruptive new technologies, flight demonstrated by 2029 for aircraft into service by 2035 and aviation climate neutrality by 2050.


Embraer unveils four Energia concept aircraft for net-zero aviation by 2050

Aircraft being developed span 9 to 50 seats and electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual-fuel gas turbine and hybrid-electric propulsion.

Carbon Fibers

Designing for automated composites manufacturing of low-volume aerostructures

The commercial aerospace industry is heavily focused on design for efficient high-rate manufacturing, but there is still need for automated, affordable fabrication of low-rate aerostructures.


SAM|XL develops closed-loop manufacturing for composites

Collaborative R&D center at TU Delft develops sensor- and robot-based automation for Composites 4.0 manufacturing, including STUNNING project for welded assembly of a thermoplastic composite fuselage demonstrator.


Airbus X-Wing will test flapping wing tips, multifunctional trailing edges for future aircraft

Demonstrator will test 30%-scale version of 52-meter composite wing with electrically-powered actuating hinged wing tip for improved efficiency and decarbonization in flight.


Airbus begins assembly of first Wing of Tomorrow prototype

The program brings together more than 100 new technologies and composites innovations, including delivery of the first fixed trailing edge by GKN Aerospace.


Spirit AeroSystems Europe delivers first set of A320 Family RTM spoilers

Redesigned spoilers developed via a highly automated advanced manufacturing, out-of-autoclave (OOA) process pioneered by Spirit.


Composite-metal joining, braided preforms enable next-generation aircraft design

Collins Aerospace invests in new joining, preforming and infusion techniques to target aircraft design needs for reduced weight and lower-cost manufacture.


Robotic computed tomography – removing NDT barriers for composites

Radalytica uses collaborative robots, ultra-sensitive X-ray photon detectors and the ability to combine CT with ultrasound, surface profiling and other inspection methods to optimize composites part quality, production and reduce cost.


ULA, RUAG Space extend and expand Atlas and Vulcan Centaur rocket programs cooperation

Contract adds additional order volume for RUAG Space’s supply and manufacture of carbon fiber composite structures until 2024.


STUNNING project successfully develops 8.5-meter thermoplastic fuselage skin

Clean Sky 2 project under the MFFD program produces two segments of an 8.5-meter-long, 4-meter-diameter thermoplastic fuselage skin via NLR’s in-house AFP machine, with consolidation plans this summer.


Solvay supplies composites, adhesives, technical support to Novotech Seagull aircraft development

Solvay supports the composites-intensive UAM platform with its aerospace-qualified MTM 45-1 and CYCOM 5320-1 resin systems in preparation for a flight in late 2021.


Clean Sky 2 releases project results

Clean Sky 2 highlights several ongoing and recently completed disruptive composites-related projects that also strive to meet a range of environmental performance targets.


GKN Aerospace delivers fully integrated composite structures for all-electric Alice aircraft

Per a May 2020 collaboration, GKN contributes fully integrated wings, empennage and electrical wiring interconnection systems for the aircraft’s first flight later this year.


Teijin Tenax carbon fiber prepreg adopted for UltraFan aeroengine nacelle

Prepreg developed specifically for aircraft applications using high-performance and rapid-curing epoxy resin, with low-temp molding and automated processing capabilities.

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