Haydale graphene-enhanced prepreg achieves notable tool life extension

Extended field trials substantiate functionalized prepreg material features, such as doubled composite parts manufacture, tighter-tolerance parts and more.  

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Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


Diab Divinycell HM foam lightweights Mayla 44 electric powerboat

Ultra-high-performance powerboat achieves high weight reduction with carbon fiber sandwich construction of the deck, internal structure and the complete hull surface.  
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PRF Composite Materials introduces RP570 FR eXpress cure prepreg system

Ultra-fast, fire-retardant formulation targets snap cure press molding of structural components.  


PRF Composite Materials announced as material supplier for ThrustWSH 

ThrustWSH aims to set a new water speed record with an innovative, composites-intensive hydroplane design, targeting a 2025/26 run date.  


Cygnet Texkimp builds high-precision slitter spooler rewinder for industry trials

Demonstration machine can precisely slit and wind up to 48 tapes from continuous thermoset UD carbon fiber prepreg, with additional material compatibilities.  

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Loop Technology automates complex prepreg layup through FibreFORM system

Suitable for prepreg and dry fiber materials, FibreFORM is capable of picking, placing and laying up composite plies with high accuracy and precision, with three times the speed of manual layup.  
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SuCoHS project: Advancing composite solutions for parts with high thermal and mechanical loads

New materials, structural concepts and manufacturing using sensors for composites that resist fire, temperature and loads while providing weight and cost savings versus metals.
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Plant tour: Qarbon Aerospace, Milledgeville, Ga. and Red Oak, Texas

Veteran aerostructures Tier 1 transforms into 21st century leader in thermoplastic composites and multiple new markets.


SMC material configurations tailored to automotive battery enclosure design

SMC battery cover offers various module configurations, levels of performance, mass and cost for electric vehicles.
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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope successfully launches to space

Innovative technologies and composite materials from RUAG Space and Toray Advanced Composites contribute to protection of the complex observatory at launch and during its six-month journey in space.


Hengshen to produce rear pressure bulkhead demonstrators

China-based Hengshen Carbon and Composites will produce five 4.5-meter demonstrator composite rear pressure bulkheads (RPB) for a Chinese aerospace OEM.


Clean Sky 2 FUSINBUL project develops full-scale, carbon fiber pressure bulkheads

Two 3.5-meter pressure bulkhead demonstrators incorporate advanced layup techniques with the goal of increasing serial production capabilities for fuselage manufacture for regional aircraft.


Carbon fiber prepreg monocoque masterclass launches September 15

First out of two live session masterclasses offered under The Native Lab’s Composite Materials training course is taking place Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. CET (12 p.m. EST).  


Axiom partners with NIAR ATLAS for oxide-oxide CMC research

Partnership breaks cost and process scalability barriers through the development of oxide-oxide CMC prepreg using AFP technology.  


Overair Butterfly eVTOL to incorporate Toray carbon fiber, resin system

The Butterfly is expected to take flight in densely populated cities in 2023, complete with Toray’s T1100/3960 prepreg system used in the airframe structure and propulsion units.  

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Toray supplies HiCAM project with thermoset, thermoplastic prepreg technologies

Toray Composite Materials America and Toray Advanced Composites divisions support technologies reducing cost, improving performance and increasing delivery rates in airframe manufacturing.

Natural Fibers

Lufthansa Technik, Diab develop greener composites for interior cabin components

Aeroflax flax fiber-based prepreg and one-step thermoplastic manufacturing process for 100% recyclable panels production pioneer lighter weight, reduce CO2 emissions.  
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Toray and Bell collaborate on new NCAMP design allowable dataset for 3960 prepreg system

Allowable design dataset establishes conformity requirements and process specifications for traditional hand layup and AFP of the 3960 prepreg system in aerospace applications.


Carbon Fibers

Solvay launches LTM 350 low-temperature composite tooling prepreg 

Carbon fiber epoxy prepreg sets new standards in cost-efficient composite tooling with fast layup, fast initial cure and short post-cure cycles.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Century Design Inc.

Century Design Inc. spotlights the OnDemand Material processing lines for prepregs, tapes and towpregs, serving to cut out the middle man and enable manufacturers to control their own materials production.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: NEXX Technologies

NEXX Technologies introduces a range of its modified epoxy and cyanate ester prepreg materials for a more streamlined prepreg manufacturing process.
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CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Alliance Corp.

Composite part design and fabrication is supported through standard and custom solutions with global tooling, machinery and service supplier Composite Alliance Corp.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Kaneka Aerospace

Kaneka Aerospace is putting on two presentations demonstrating an E-glass prepreg and X-TP, a material with thermoset and thermoplastic benefits. Its booth displays new fire-retardant resin offerings.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Teubert

Teubert highlights enhancements made to its continuous compression molding (CCM) system, including production scale-up, reducing required energy during production, live measurement of pressure distribution.