Chantiers de l’Atlantique reveals 66-meter, all-composite SolidSail mast

A technological feat, the large carbon fiber mast prototype targets the Silenseas sailing liner and sailing cargo ships for up to 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.  


INN-PAEK project to develop 100% recyclable, lightweight thermoplastic flange wheels for future aircraft

The AITIIP Technology Center leads this research with partner Liebherr Group to develop a technology by June 2023 that contributes to more sustainable, eco-friendly production systems.  

Carbon Fibers

Eastman Machine automated cutting equipment increases HanseYacht efficiencies by 85%

Since implementation of its first conveyorized cutting system, the recreational boatbuilder regularly seeks ways to improve its composite material handling processes.  

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Carbon Fibers

Norco to build fuselage, wings and composite components for Skyfly eVTOL aircraft

Skyfly aims to achieve a complete airframe weight of just 220 kilograms, in addition to low-cost, accurate and reliable repeatability of manufacture for series production progression.  


Thermoset-thermoplastic joining, natural fibers enable sustainability-focused brake cover

Award-winning motorcycle brake disc cover showcases potential for KTM Technologies’ Conexus joining technology and flax fiber composites.
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Plant tour: Avel Robotics, Lorient, France

From AFP hydrofoils to more efficient aircraft parts, Avel uses digital design, multiprocess production and a rule-breaking approach for complex 4D composites.


Digital Demo: Secure Vacuum Bag Seal Eliminates Single-Use Sealant Tapes in Closed Mold Process

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) has developed a reusable two-part seal for the vacuum infusion closed mold process, replacing single-use sealant tapes. (Sponsored)
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Compression Molding

Digital Demo: The Advantages of Thermoplastics Technology

From stronger, longer-lasting parts to creating sustainable options for composite parts, this demo will pique your interest in this emerging technology. (Sponsored)

Carbon Fibers

Fast-FlexMont2 project targets optimized, large-structure CFRP assembly

Advanced measuring and referencing methods, highly precise positioning technologies and continuous digital process control by Fraunhofer IFAM demonstrate automated rudder hinge assembly.

Carbon Fibers

Faurecia advances biocomposites, recyclability, reduced CO2 and sustainability in automotive

Efforts include advancing NAFILean materials family in weight reduction and sustainability, as well as new Sustainable Materials division and R&D Center.  
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EU-funded GENEX project to develop digital twin framework for aircraft lifecycle tracking

Novel digital framework to enable holistic and comprehensive data capture through the entire aircraft lifecycle, supporting composite component/structure manufacture optimization and maintenance.  
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Norco to build fuselage, wings and composite components for Skyfly eVTOL aircraft

Skyfly aims to achieve a complete airframe weight of just 220 kilograms, in addition to low-cost, accurate and reliable repeatability of manufacture for series production progression.  

Energy Storage

Cryomotive opens Hydrogen Storage Manufacturing Center 

Cryomotive is to develop, manufacture and assemble Cryogas composite hydrogen tanks for commercial vehicles, buses and ships at new Pfeffenhausen site, accelerating hydrogen refueling systems production for zero-emission commercial vehicles.  
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TPRC training courses target thermoplastic composites

Three upcoming in-person thermoplastic composites courses, ranging from entry-level to advanced, are organized to enhance composites professionals’ knowledge in this burgeoning field.  


Schmidt & Heinzmann camera system awarded 2022 AVK Innovation Award

“Pole Position” uses polarization properties to detect the positioning and orientation of carbon fibers during the cutting and stacking process, reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.   


SeaBioComp project develops biocomposite demonstrator products for marine applications

Prototype products explore thermoplastic polymers, natural fibers and 3D printing technologies to effectively reduce the use of fossil-based materials in the marine sector.  


Additive Manufacturing

Kimya features Kimya PC-FR 3D filament for the transportation sector

Flame-retardant polycarbonate filament reaches EN45545 certification and meets REACH and RoHS standards for production of parts in railway, automotive, electronics.  


Thermal Mapping Application digitizes GMI Aero hot bonder console

The TMApp enables operators to track and visualize the temperature field during composite repair or manufacture in real time using Anita 4.0 and Anita EZ bonding/repair bonder solutions.  

Additive Manufacturing

Markforged Simulation software features virtual testing capability

Virtual testing validates the strength of advanced composite parts and automatically optimizes print parameters to help lower cost and speed production.  

Glass Fibers

Cygnet Texkimp develops high-tension carbon fiber overwrapping solution

Fiber winding technology achieves greater power at higher rotating speeds via high-tension composite wrapping, resulting in enhanced fiber-volume ratio, dimensional stability and lighter parts.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Thermal Equipment Corp.

TEC highlights its range of services and capabilities, including its Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Autoclaves which deliver robustness, quality and reliable performance.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Fives

The Composites & Automated Solutions line from Fives supplies next-gen automated composites manufacturing solutions, such as the Cincinnati Robotic Viper, Cincinnati Supercharger and Fives In-Process Inspection for increased productivity.  
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