Virtek Iris 3D system enables sustainable space tourism experience

Vision positioning system accelerates composite layup processes and reduces labor-intensive tasks for production of Space Perspective’s pressurized capsule.  

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Airbus, ArianeGroup sign transition batch contract for Ariane 6 launch vehicles

Airbus will provide four primary lightweight carbon fibers structures for the next 14 vehicle launchers via state-of-the-art 4.0 industrial facility in Getafe, Spain.  

Carbon Fibers

Heat resistance testing provides insight into preventing carbon fiber-reinforced UHTC degradation

Japan-based researchers use an arc-wind tunnel to better understand carbon fiber-reinforced ultrahigh-temperature ceramic matrix composites oxidation resistance in high-temp, inert atmospheres.  

NASA’s Artemis I mega rocket launches Orion to moon

The agency’s Orion spacecraft — showcasing an abundance of composite components and structures — launched 1:47 a.m. on Nov. 16, and is on its way to the moon as part of the Artemis program.

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Beyond Gravity to supply ULA with composite payload fairings, adds to Amazon satellite contract

Beyond Gravity will deliver 38 carbon fiber payload fairings, in addition to Amazon CFRP dispenser contract, for Project Kuiper, expands U.S. production facility capacity.  

Carbon Fibers

Beyond Gravity delivers key products for OneWeb broadband satellite launch

CFRP dispenser, among other products, successfully deliver 36 OneWeb satellites to low Earth orbit, bringing the satellite constellation fleet to 462.  

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ISRO/NSIL deploys 36 OneWeb satellites in first commercial LMV-3 rocket launch

Kineco Kaman supplied the LVM-3 composite equipment bay shroud assemblies and other CFRP components that made the launch possible.  

Beyond Gravity announces first four startups for Launchpad program

Eight-week incubator program enables the development and  commercialization of advanced space solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies, with second round underway.  

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NASA orders three additional Orion spacecraft from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed maintains an OPOC for up to 12 composites-intensive vehicles over the course of the Artemis moon missions, reduces cost by 50% per vehicle.  


Second NASA contract received by AnalySwift progresses high-fidelity composites design tool

Research funded at Purdue University, University of Texas at Arlington will produce a computer tool to exploit tailorable composites, hybrid material systems for a variety of broad applications.  

Firefly Aerospace Alpha rocket successfully reaches orbit, deploys customer payloads

All-composite Alpha FLTA002 rocket launches and reaches orbit from U.S. soil on only its second attempt, completing all important technical milestones including a two-burn maneuver.  


Firefly Aerospace's Alpha, launch services company selected by NASA for VADR missions

The composites-intensive Alpha launch vehicle will be used in NASA missions to deliver payloads such as CubeSats.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Park Aerospace Corp.

Park Aerospace Corp. highlights its range of thermal protection system resin systems, structural polymer material systems and its services in structural design and composite strut fabrication for aerospace and space markets.  

Collins Aerospace opens space exploration facility at Houston Spaceport

Inaugurated 120,000-square-foot facility to advance development and testing of several key space systems for future space exploration programs.


RUAG International reports 7% sales growth, positive profit development

Expanding production and large orders in RUAG International’s Space division, rebranded Beyond Gravity, leads sales growth.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Qarbon Aerospace

Qarbon Aerospace exhibits its capabilities in manufacturing composite components and assemblies, highlighting its proficiencies in major assembly and systems integration, automated layup, hand layup, high-temp composites and core fabrication.

Beyond Gravity delivers space technology, composites expertise for Artemis missions

Mechanisms to drive solar array panels, a composite universal stage adapter and central network electronics supply drive Artemis missions forward.  

Toray Carbon Magic supports commercial lunar exploration program

Toray Group subsidiary continues to support the HAKUTO-R commercial lunar exploration program operated by ispace inc. through its composite design, aerodynamics and processing technologies know-how.  

Carbon Fibers

Three companies chosen to advance NASA deployable solar array

Astrobotic Technology, Lockheed Martin and Honeybee Robotics awarded $19.4 million to prototype build and test solar array systems to power moon exploration under Artemis. Current mast designs incorporate carbon fiber-based technologies.

Airbus-built European Service Module is ready for launch with Orion spacecraft

The European Space Module (ESM) will power NASA’s Orion spacecraft to and from its lunar orbit as part of the Artemis missions, featuring a web assembly of carbon fiber sheets and deployable CFRP rigid panels.


Carbon fiber enables new, low-CO2 Skyrora orbital launch vehicle

U.K. private space company is developing and testing orbital launch vehicle Skyrora XL to carry small satellites in Earth’s orbit using eco-friendly fuel, a unified systems design and composites.  

NASA announces targeted launch of Artemis I uncrewed flight test

NASA invites everyone to its global virtual NASA Social event for the Artemis I launch of the SLS rocket carrying the Orion spacecraft from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Aug. 29, 2022.

Northrop Grumman, Firefly Aerospace to develop Antares upgrade, new medium launch vehicle

The Antares 330 rocket, leveraging Firefly’s composites technologies and Northrop’s avionics and software, will be developed alongside a medium launch vehicle to serve various space launch markets.  

Collaborators awarded NIST funding to develop in-space manufacturing roadmap

Purdue, the University of New Hampshire and the University of Alabama will work with NASA to develop a roadmap for in-space manufacturing.

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