Carbon Fibers

Asahi Kasei collaborates on continuous carbon fiber reclamation development

Inexpensive, closed-loop recycling system employs electrolyzed sulfuric acid to cleanly separate the fiber from the resin.  

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Managing Editor, CompositesWorld


Strohm secures second “Jumpers on Demand” contract from ExxonMobil

On-site service includes readily available 24+ carbon fiber-reinforced PA12 jumpers to be installed at depths of 1,700 meters for water and gas (WAG) application.   


INN-PAEK project to develop 100% recyclable, lightweight thermoplastic flange wheels for future aircraft

The AITIIP Technology Center leads this research with partner Liebherr Group to develop a technology by June 2023 that contributes to more sustainable, eco-friendly production systems.  


New developments released for ply-ply friction prediction

Rens Pierik, in close cooperation with the University of Twente and the TPRC, reveals new insights into ply-ply friction of UD C/PAEK tapes which will be used as a basis for future constitutive modeling.  


Top 10 CompositesWorld products of 2022

It was a big year for new products in the composites industry. Take a look at CompositesWorld’s top 10 most popular product pieces based on Google Analytics and check out what you might have missed. 

TPRC research project investigates thermoplastic composite structure repair strategies

TPRC research project investigates thermoplastic composite structure repair strategies

Linda Grafen’s two-year study explored reconsolidation and patch repair methods to determine their feasibility for impact damage repairing.  

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Carbon Fibers

Thermoset-thermoplastic joining, natural fibers enable sustainability-focused brake cover

Award-winning motorcycle brake disc cover showcases potential for KTM Technologies’ Conexus joining technology and flax fiber composites.
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Compression Molding

Digital Demo: The Advantages of Thermoplastics Technology

From stronger, longer-lasting parts to creating sustainable options for composite parts, this demo will pique your interest in this emerging technology. (Sponsored)


Plant tour: ÉireComposites, Galway, Ireland

An in-house testing business and R&D focus has led to innovative materials use and projects in a range of markets, from civil aerospace to renewable energy to marine.
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Carbon Fibers

3D printing and AFP join forces in automotive demonstrator

Bavarian auto industry and TU Munich research how to reduce molding costs by combining continuous fiber and 3D-printed composites.


JEC World 2022, Part 3: Emphasizing emerging markets, thermoplastics and carbon fiber

CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan identifies companies exhibiting at JEC World 2022 that are advancing both materials and technologies for the growing AAM, hydrogen, automotive and sustainability markets.


JEC World 2022, Part 1: Highlights in sustainable, digital, industrialized composites

JEC World 2022 offered numerous new developments in composites materials, processes and applications, according to CW senior editor, Ginger Gardiner, most targeting improved sustainability for wider applications.
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Athletic shoe developed with repurposed thermoplastic waste

Manufactured via a single-step molding process, Decathlon’s Traxium Compressor soccer cleats propel the sporting goods market toward more recyclable solutions.
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UD researchers advance TuFF composite's viability for aerospace

The University of Delaware’s research team continues to mature the short fiber composite’s cost competitiveness with metal through sensor embedding, virtual modeling and TuFF thermoset manufacture.  


TPRC training courses target thermoplastic composites

Three upcoming in-person thermoplastic composites courses, ranging from entry-level to advanced, are organized to enhance composites professionals’ knowledge in this burgeoning field.  


SeaBioComp project develops biocomposite demonstrator products for marine applications

Prototype products explore thermoplastic polymers, natural fibers and 3D printing technologies to effectively reduce the use of fossil-based materials in the marine sector.  

Compression Molding

Limited edition watch features carbon fiber case produced by 9T Labs

Using its Additive Fusion Technology, 9T Labs mass produced 1,000 units of the watch case from continuous carbon fiber-reinforced PEKK, achieving a strong, ultralight, aesthetic product.  

Additive Manufacturing

Novel composite aims to resolve self-healing material challenges

University engineering researchers have developed and tested self-healing composites capable of self-repairing in place repeatedly without losing healing properties, as well as enhancing resistance to fracture.  


DLR develops additive WeldSealer process to seal joints, edges or modify surfaces

The robotic process developed for large components protects joints and edges, prevents cracks and allows multipart structures to be created as if cast in one piece.



Avient polyketone-based materials offer additional sustainable alternatives to polyamides

Complēt PKE long fiber-reinforced engineered thermoplastics, available with 30-50% long glass fiber, broaden application options, even in cold environments.  


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Teijin Carbon America

Teijin Carbon America demonstrates its specialization in carbon fiber and other composite materials across industries, including Tenax, Pyromex OPF and Tenax Thermoplastics lines.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace identifies its extensive thermoplastics portfolio, including the display of an aircraft nacelle’s integrated curved stiffener and upper and lower longerons.  


Xenia Thermoplastic Specialties launches new range of supertough carbon fiber composites

New XECARB ST family of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites combines advanced lightweighting with superior impact strength.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Propex Furnishing Solutions

Propex Furnishing Solutions reveals its newest developments in self-reinforced composite technology including polymer-based Curv, Curv Tactical thermoplastic composites and Curv-on-Core technology.


CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: Composite Alliance Corp.

Composite part design and fabrication is supported through standard and custom solutions with global tooling, machinery and service supplier Composite Alliance Corp.